Super Turbo Tip - Don't Draw Attention to Yourself

Super Turbo Tip - You should want to keep a low profile in general. Don't give people a reason to notice you, because when they take notice of you, they are more likely to pay attention to how you play - you do not want that.

You want others to assume you are a normal player that plays a typical Super Turbo style.

Why? Because you will be pushing and calling with a tighter range early in the SNG than normal (inexperienced) players do, AND you will be pushing a looser range later in the tournament than normal players do.

For example, most inexperienced Super Turbo players would never consider folding 99 or AQ for only 10BBs (some won't even fold tiny pairs). Even very good regular Sit-N-Go players have no idea that hands so strong should often be folded early in a Super Turbo, because their previous experience with 10BB stacks are in situations much different than what they are facing now.

When they have 10BBs in a regular Sit-N-Go, it's often 4 or 5 handed, and they are deciding whether or not to shove against 2 or 3 other players who might be 20BBs deep, and in those spots 99 and AQ are monsters!

They almost never face push-fold decisions from early position when it's 8 or 9 handed. But in Super Turbos, you better know how to handle this situation, because it happens a lot.

And late in a tournament you will often be pushing a very wide range. You do so because you realize that a hand that's garbage when it's 9-handed might now be a no-brainer shove.

Inexperienced players often don't fully grasp this. They are self-weighting. To them AJ is a monster and Q6 is junk - almost no matter what the situation. They probably realize that they need to loosen up some when the blinds get bigger, but they often don't adjust properly. So they end up pushing and calling too loose at times and pushing and calling too tight at other times. And if they can't figure it out, they might even limp.

They've never heard of Sit-N-Go Wizard or ICM. They make their decisions using their common sense.

Super Turbo Tip - Common sense is often very wrong in Sit-N-Goes and even more so in Super Turbos.

So by keeping a low profile, your opponents will be more likely to give you too much credit some on the time and not enough credit at other times. When they put you on an incorrect range of hands, that's bad for them. And what's bad for them is generally good for you.

There are exceptions to "what's bad for them is good for you" such as when you shove and they make a bad call vs your range but with a hand that happens not to be dominated that time. This can actually be bad for both of you (like when you shove AK and they call with 44 - or when you shove 88 and they call with A9. But in general you benefit from your opponents being wrong about what range you are pushing).

Because when they call you early in the SNG with 44, you often show up with an overpair. Or when they call with A9 early, you often have them crushed with JJ or AK.

So keeping a low profile is good. And here are four other Super Turbo Tip Articles on how to do it.

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