SNG Wizard

SNG Wizard (SitNGo Wizard) is an automated ICM software program. Using this program is the very best way to train yourself to play well during the push-fold phase of any single table Sit-N-Go tournament. It works by reading your SNG hand histories, which allows you to analyze each hand that you played. It also has a quiz mode that allows you to practice specific types of situations. This is a powerful feature.

Quiz Mode
The SNG Wizard quiz feature allows you to make push-fold decisions in a practice setting, and the software will indicate whether or not each choice was correct. This is a great way to quickly become an expert on the push-fold phase of a Sit-N-Go.

In fact, it even has a quiz mode setting specifically for the Full Tilt Super Turbo structure (as well as different SNG formats from all the major poker sites and a few minor sites).

The quiz mode can be set to easy, average or expert. You can even set it to give you just "call/fold" problems (as if someone has gone all-in before you).

You can set it to help you work on virtually any aspect of push-fold or call-fold that you wish.

For example, you can set it to give you only bubble hands to work on or all heads-up situations or just 9-handed problems or a random mix (which is the default). Imagine playing 100 practice heads-up hands in just a few minutes with instant feedback on whether or not you made the correct play.

The two major skills you'll need to master to get really good at push-fold are 1) hand reading ability and 2) knowing the correct action to take based on those reads.

The first skill is developed mostly by playing the actual SNGs.

The second skill can be practiced by playing, but just playing is not a very effective way to learn the proper actions. Why else would so many players keep making the same mistakes over and over and over?

A lot of players will never realize how wrong it is to push AJ or 77 from early position during the first level of a Super Turbo. They might play 5,000 super turbos and make that same major errors every time. They are a better player after 5,000 games than they were when they first started, but they still usually aren't even winning players, because they are relying on common sense, and common sense isn't good enough.

The very best way to improve your ability to "know the correct action to take" is by reviewing hands played or using the quiz mode with an ICM software program such as SNG Wizard.

Deliberate Practice is the only path to greatness in any form of poker. Here is an article on how to apply it specifically to Super Turbo SNGs using SitNGo Wizard.

Deliberate Practice for Poker

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SNG Wizard 30-day free trial:

For those of you who do not already use SNG Wizard, you can download and use it free for 30 days. There is also an excellent 17-minute video tutorial to get you started.

If you'd like you can click here to try it out.