Poker Chatting Tips

Poker Chatting Tips - In keeping with theme of not drawing attention to yourself in a Super Turbo, I think it's best to limit your chatting.

Pretty much the only time it's beneficial for you to chat is to reply when another player compliments you.

If someone sincerely says to you "nh", "well played", "gg" or something like that, you could respond with "ty", "thx" or whatever. Not responding at all could possibly offend someone. And as childish as it is to be offended by such a thing, you benefit by keeping everyone happy and not thinking about you.

Another possible benefit of responding is it might keep them from suspecting that you are a bot. Losing players love to dream up excuses to explain why some players win and they don't. Don't give them any reason to pay attention to you. Maybe while they are trying to detect whether or not you're acting like a bot, they might notice how you play certain situations. You don't want that. You want to blend in.

If you're playing a bunch of tables and can't take the time to reply, then don't worry about it. And some prefer to turn chat off completely. That's your choice.

I am often tempted to turn chat off completely, because I find a lot of the whining and trash-talking to be distressing and distracting. And I have gone for weeks at a time in the past with chat turned off, and I found it soothing.

But now I leave chat on because I have decided that the pros outweigh the cons. I gain a lot of information on my opponents by knowing what's on their minds.

The benefit you gain by reading what others type in chat is not always easy to express. Some of it may be subconscious. They might say something that is not even poker-related that allows you better stereo-type them and therefore make more accurate decisons against them.

Other things you read are very quantifiable.

Frequently at the beginning of a Super Turbo, you'll see someone chat something like "what is this? we only get 10BBs? i didn't mean to enter this stupid kind of a sng."

Now I know that this player is going to be shoving way too wide from early and middle position, because players not used to Supers always self-weight in this particular way. So I am never folding AK or 99 to his early position push like I might against reasonable players. He's just going to show up with something like A6 way too often for me to pass it up.

Another Poker Chatting Tips example: while playing many tables I miss most showdowns that I am not involved in, but many recreational players are not emotionally strong enough to resist the urge to whine about every single bad thing that happens to them. Even some of the regulars are chronic whiners. Whenever I see whining, I will look at the hand history to see what happened. I am often able to make some good notes on the player that the whiner was whining about such as a really bad call or push.

Also if someone whines about you or berates you in chat, you should never respond. You don't want to add fuel to their weak-minded fire. Allow them to think that maybe you didn't even see what they wrote or at least allow them to calm down on their own.

And if later you bust the player that's been trash-talking you, keep your mouth shut. Resist the urge to tell them "bye-bye donkey" or something like that. Don't give them any reason to remember you any longer than necessary.

Finally, never discuss strategy in the chat box. Don't give others any insight into your thoughts. Try to remain unnoticed.

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