Never Slow Roll - It Will Cost You Money

Never Slow Roll - In Super Turbo Sit-N-Goes you are better off not doing anything to draw attention to yourself. Therefore you should never slowroll an opponent when you have a big hand.

The online poker version of it goes like this.

One of your opponents has been trash-talking you in the chat box for some reason. It may have even been yesterday or several days ago and you still remember it.

Later you are dealt AA in the big blind. Everyone folds to the button (the trash-talker) who shoves all-in. The small blind folds and the action is on you. But you don't call right away. You act like you are trying to decide whether to call or fold. You are wanting to cause him maximum pain when he finally does get the bad news.

Eventually you call. Congratulations, you've just created an enemy. He will remember that forever. He is now going to pay attention to you more than anyone else. This might help him make more accurate decisions against you in the future. He will probably become more aggressive and tricky against you. This is not what you want.

So never do this. It will cost you money.

Even if this guy has been abusing you in chat all day, just keep quiet and play your game. Allow him to forget about you as soon as possible.

Here are some other ways to NOT draw attention to yourself.

Super Turbo Tip: Change Your Avatar Often

Super Turbo Tip: Don't Try to Tilt or Embarrass Your Opponents

Super Turbo Tip: Limit Chatting, Never Whine and Never Criticize Others

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