What is Super Turbo Poker?

A Super Turbo Poker Sit-N-Go is a 9-player no-limit hold'em online tournament at Full Tilt Poker with the normal 50%-30%-20% SNG payouts.

Super Turbo Structure: Each player starts with only 10 big blinds (300 chips at 15/30 blinds). The blinds increase every 3 minutes and there is no time bank. So someone is going all-in on nearly every hand right from the beginning of the tournament!


This causes many people to think there is almost no skill involved. But I can assure you there is enough skill required for good players to have a significantly profitable edge.

Most of your opponents will be pretty weak up to around the $70+$5 buy-in level, especially if you table-select well.

Super Turbo Strategy is very different than that for a cash game or multi-table tournament. It even has significant strategic differences from a regular Sit-N-Go.

The two major skills you'll need to master are actually the same for all forms of poker. One is hand reading ability, and the other is knowing the best action to take based on those reads.

Hand reading ability is developed primarily by playing in actual games.

The second skill can also be practiced somewhat by playing. But the very best way to improve your ability to know "the best action to take" through the "deliberate practice" of reviewing hands with an ICM software program such as SNG wizard.

Many players make a living by specializing in Super Turbos.

This site is dedicated to anyone that wants to get better at this particular kind of Sit-N-Go.

Here you will find tips, articles and hand charts largely focused on Super Turbo Poker, but much of the advice will also apply to regular SNGs as well as online poker in general.

Super Turbo Basics (FAQ)
Super Turbo Basics - they last a little over 20 minutes on average, but since you won't make it to the end of every one of them, YOUR average super turbo will last something like 12 minutes. ROIs ...
Super Turbo Strategy - The Early Game
Super Turbo Strategy - A winning early strategy will probably seem at first to be freakishly tight for 10BB stacks. You'll have to get used to folding hands as strong as 99 and AQ from early position
Super Turbo Push-Fold
Super Turbo Push-Fold Ranges: Here is a summary of the default pushing ranges suggested for various stack sizes and blinds levels.
SNG Strategy Tips - Super Turbo Middle Game
SNG Strategy Tips - Let's define the Middle Game as 6-handed and 5-handed play. Blinds will typically be 25/50, 30/60 or 40/80 at this stage ...
Poker Tournament Tips - Should I Play to Win or Play to Cash?
Poker Tournament Tips: Some say "I always play for 1st place" or "I try to make it the money first, then I go for the win." Which is correct? Should I be shooting for 1st?
Super Turbo Heads-Up Strategy
Super Turbo SNG Heads-Up Strategy: There are 2700 chips (total) in play. By the time it gets to the final 2 players, the blinds are usually 50/100 or higher, so you better have a good push-fold game!
Heads-Up Push-Fold Table
Here is the game theory optimal push-fold table for heads-up play.
Game Theory Optimal Heads-Up Calling Strategy
Here is a Game Theory Optimal All-in Calling Strategy for heads-up play.
Super Turbo Tip - Don't Draw Attention to Yourself
Super Turbo Tip: You should want to keep a low profile in general. Don't give people a reason to notice you, because when they take notice of you, they are more likely to pay attention to how you play
You Want a Tight Image When You go All-in
Tight Image - Make them think you push tight and call loose. When you go all-in during a Super Turbo Sit-N-Go, you almost always would prefer that nobody calls. One reason for this is because stealing
Change Your FullTilt Avatar Often
Change Your Full Tilt Avatar Often - so others won't think "Yeah, I remember that pirate guy - he shoved on my big blind with J4 and busted me when I had 99. I hate that lucky idiot!"
Putting Players on Tilt
Putting Players on Tilt - He might have been watching TV, surfing the web and playing poker at the same time. But now the TV is turned off and the browser is minimized. His mission is to beat you.
Inducing Folds by Varying Your Bet Sizing and Other Tactics
Inducing Folds - Here's a good spot to throw him a change-up. Instead of shoving all-in, wait a couple seconds and raise to 295 (leaving 65 chips in your stack). This accomplishes 3 things
Online Poker Tells - Inducing Calls through Reverse Timing Tells
Online Poker Tells: Okay, it's 6-handed and you are dealt AA in the small blind. Two players limp, and now it's on you. Raising smaller is going to look too strong and might allow someone
Limping Aces
Limping Aces - If you get burned sometimes, don't be deterred. It's a good play. Keep throwing the banana peel out there and they'll keep slipping on it. Trust me.
The "Limp and Go"
The Limp and Go works surprisingly often especially on the bubble when players are desperate to survive. There is no real downside to the play
Multitabling Tips - Quality Before Quantity
Multitabling Tips - Having a 4% ROI is a recipe for high variance on it's own. If it falls to 2% or 1%, hold on to your hat!
Online Poker Table Selection
Online Poker Table Selection ... for example, my color scheme is green = good player, yellow = decent player, orange = average losing player, red = fish, and purple = big fish.
Tips For Online Poker - Image Fatigue
Tips For Online Poker - Image fatigue can reduce or completely eliminate your edge in a game. Fold equity is the life blood of a winning SNG player. Image fatigue kills your fold equity.
Sit and Go Poker Article: Getting Skunked
Sit and Go Poker Article: Getting Skunked (or shut out) means you get no playable hands in a Sit-N-Go all the way to the point where you are crippled by the blinds and no longer have any fold-equity
Why Specialize?
Why Specialize? If your goal is to increase your hourly earnings, I recommend you pick one form of poker and work your butt off to become the best you can be at it.
SNG Wizard
SNG Wizard is an automated ICM software program. Using this program is the single best way to train yourself how to play well during the push-fold phase of any single table Sit-N-Go
If you would like to get rakeback from Full Tilt or another poker site, it is available here.
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