Change Your
Full Tilt Avatar Often

I think it's a good idea to change your Full Tilt Avatar often. Furthermore, only choose ones that are boring or unmemorable.

Many of your opponents won't bother to take notes on you, but they might remember you by associating you with your cartoon character. They might be thinking "I remember that pirate guy - he shoved on my big blind with J4 and busted me when I called with 99. I hate that lucky idiot!" You don't want to be remembered in that way. Being remembered costs you money. Because when people pay attention to you, it helps them make more accurate decisions against you. And being disliked also motivates others to try harder to beat. You'd much rather them be focused on the TV or on surfing the web.

I change my look several times per session, pretty much every time I think about it.

This often results in me having a different appearance on different tables at the same time. You can't change your full tilt avatar for a particular SNG once it starts, so once a game begins, if you switch it, the change will take effect only on future games you play in (until you switch it again).

Unlike PokerStars, which won't let you easily or frequently change your image, Full Tilt allows you to change as often as you want. Anything you can do to help your opponents mis-read your hand will help your win rate.

If you play on PokerStars, you might want to play with no image at all (something you can't do at Full Tilt).

And on Full Tilt, you should go for an appearance that is inherently unmemorable - just one more way to hopefully blend in. For example, I think players remember female faces a lot easier than some of the others.

So you might want to choose something bland like the rockface, the elephant, the frog, a dog, a cat, etc.

Here are some other ways to NOT draw attention to yourself.

Super Turbo Tip: Don't Try to Tilt or Embarrass Your Opponents

Super Turbo Tip: Limit Chatting, Never Whine and Never Criticize Others

Never Slow Roll

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