Poker Image - How to Build a Tight Pushing Reputation in Super Turbos

Poker Image Maintenance - In Super Turbos you want your opponents folding to your pushes as much as possible. To do this you need to help them to fear your all-ins. One way to accomplish this is to only push with very strong hands, but if you play that tight, you are NOT playing well. An optimal Super Turbo strategy will require you to push a lot of average and even weak hands at times. So what can be done?

Folding in Neutral Expectation Situations:

Because keeping a tight image pays dividends by allowing you to steal a few more pots in the future, you should lean more toward folding in very close situations. This is especially true in the middle and late game. In the early game, a very close decision might be whether or not to push AQ or 88. In the middle or late game, a very close decision might be whether or not to push Q5 or 82. Getting called when you show down AQ or 88 won't damage your image. But when they see that you pushed Q5 or 82, they remember that!

Even if pushing garbage was very obviously correct, they still remember it. They now know you are capable of playing junk, and every time they face an all-in from you in the future they are a little more likely to call. And if they take notes on you, they will be calling you lighter for days, weeks or longer. This is not good.

Don't overdo it though. You still need to push junk hands when the time is right if you're going to be successful. If you start passing up profitable pushes that are not really that close it will hurt your win rate.

So what else can be done?

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